2018-2019 Committees




Wendy Perque

Annual fundraiser for Adults only. Organizes event including marketing, theme, venue, food and beverage, décor and ticket sales. Also responsible for silent auction and social parties including securing auction items, organizing social parties and ongoing marketing and ticket sales of social parties.

Booster Buddies

Danielle Miller

Staff appreciation once per month. Committee members purchase small gifts for each staff member at CCE to show ongoing appreciation. Gifts are reimbursed by the Booster Club.

Box Tops


Collection of Box Tops in exchange for cash with participating companies. Cutting, pasting and counting Box Tops and mailing to companies for reimbursement.


Kim Taylor

Board of Trustees Parent Advisory Committee.

Butterfly Garden


Susie Frazer

Maintains the Butterfly Garden.

Dad's Club

Simms Browning

Networking and school support.

Eagle Dash


Regina Idemudia

Fun run for entire student body. Organizes the fun run on the soccer field in the Fall.

Eagle Day

Peyton Merriman
Julie Pritchett

Annual Sports Day during school for the entire student body. Works with PE Coach to determine sports activities. Sets up and tears down sports activities and refreshment stands. Coordinates parent volunteers for the day.

5th Grade Graduation

Megan Hansen
Naveen Reddy

Jennifer LaRue

Celebration for 5th Grade. Responsible for 5th Grade Graduation and party afterwards. Coordinate the décor and program for graduation. Plan party, food and drink, games and chaperones for 5th grade graduation party.

Faculty Hospitality


Jennifer LaRue
Naveen Reddy

Hospitality for the monthly staff meetings. Coordinates lunch and snacks for staff monthly.

Fall Family Fun Fest

Julia Glass

Annual community builder with family activities and food trucks ending with a movie night in Fall. Chairperson is responsible for coordinating activities, booking food truck vendors, advertising, decorations, movie night and setup/tear down.

Fall Socials

Rebecca Kodak

Community builder and fundraiser. Coordinate grade level parties for both students and parents. Assist hosts in scheduling student parties after school as well as happy hour parties for parents in the evenings. Manage marketing and ticket sales for all parties.

Gallery Greats

Tarissa Day

Bringing art into the classroom. Committee members conduct once a month talks about great works of art to students. Art background is not necessary.

Gift Committee

Christi Dammert

Reviews staff requests for educational enrichment tools and supplies from CCE staff. Committee reviews all of the requests from teachers and staff, works with the staff to determine if it is financially responsible, and makes proposals to the Booster Club for purchase approval.

Grandparent's Day


Jessica Blood

Colby Kern

Helps plan a special day for Grandparents to visit their Grandchildren.

International Day


Karla Basham
Lourdes Norton

Multicultural day to celebrate diversity for entire student body. Plans multicultural assembly for all students. Also plans other multicultural activities or events for students during the day.

Kinder Guides


Bhavana Kancherla

Kristy Kim

Marcia Sherrod

Laura Verrett

Teresa Wohlers

Welcomes incoming kindergarten families. Coordinates playdates and answers any questions for kindergarten families.



Shawn Laney

Public communication. Coordinates with Booster Club and CCE Staff to change messages on the marquee throughout the year.

Parent Daughter Dance

Bonnie Almog

Sarah Haldeman

Kristy Kim
Ann Roddy

Anne-Marie Tucker

Annual dance held in Spring. Oversees the event including marketing, theme, food and beverage, décor, photos, activities, music and ticket sales.

School Supplies


Kyla Parnell

School supplies for entire student body, not a fundraiser. Coordinates with teachers the school supply list for the year. Orders supplies through our vendor, tracks orders and distributes supplies to the classrooms for the new school year.

Special Needs Liaison


Lindsey Culpepper

Special Needs community. Serves as a liaison between Special Needs families and CCE staff.



Erica Davies

Kim Taylor

Fundraising. Spearheads annual no-hassle fundraiser, solicits corporate sponsorships, tracks sponsorships and writes thank you notes.



Tera Ferguson

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Day for entire student body. Chairperson oversees the scheduling and supplies for this fun day. Work with the school staff to coordinate guest speakers, demonstrations, and activities for all students. Science, technology or math background is not necessary.

Teacher Appreciation


Lindsay Culpepper

Shows appreciation for entire CCE Staff. Coordinates lunch and other fun recognition for staff during Teacher Appreciation Week in Spring.

Veteran's Day


Tara Johnson

Honors our Veterans. Chairperson coordinates Veteran's Day Program at Assembly for the entire student body.



Lanette Cutter

Ana Holm

Naveen Reddy

Recap of the year. Produces the yearbook including taking photos, creating layout and distributing the yearbooks.


Upcoming Events

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