CCBC Fundraising


Being part of the CCE family, we take great pride in our community and it shows in they way in which we all support our children, teachers and school. We proudly believe this is because of the very active participation in the Cedar Creek Booster Club.


Please consider joining the Booster Club in supporting our children on their educational journey. Your donation will sustain the academically challenging and enriching education we all desire for our Cedar Creek Elementary children. 


Gifts to the School

          Cedar Creek faculty members are encouraged to make gift requests twice a year to the Cedar Creek Booster Club through a gift request process. Some of the gift items purchased based on faculty requests were reading curriculum, reading software, books, furnishings for reading centers, rainy day games, robotics sets and legos, just to name a few!



          The Cedar Creek Booster Club provides funds for science/math enhancements, art supplies, music programs, PE equipment/supplies, library books, subscriptions, cultural arts and buses for field trips. We also plan and implement enrichment days for the students like STEAM Day (all day hands on science), International Day, Eagle Day and Eagle Dash - a holistic health focused day.  


Staff Support

          The Cedar Creek Booster Club provides funds for professional development, staff incentives and appreciation, and for supplies to set up the classroom each year. 


Campus Improvement/Landscaping

           The Cedar Creek Booster Club provides funds for projects around the campus that the school district does not maintain. Some project examples were tree trimming, general landscaping, hardscaping new pollinator garden and outdoor classroom spaces.





But don't take it from just us - here's what the teachers have to say:


Stephanie Cowan - 4th Grade Teacher - The CCE Booster Club is the backbone of the CCE teachers!! The creative and innovative things that we have been able to bring into the classroom for our students are due to the fact that our booster club is always eager and willing to provide that financial support. CCE Booster is 100 steps above any support that an elementary school is worthy of. I am proud to contribute to, and benefit from, such an integral part of our district and community. My classroom environment is what it is in large part due to assistance from the booster club, and that feel enriches my student's learning so much. Thank you CCE Booster Parents!
Tanna Fiske - 3rd Grade Teacher - The CCE booster club is a vital part of what makes CCE the wonderful community that it is.  Teachers feel so validated when we get booster buddy treats, help with setting up our classrooms at the beginning of the year, teacher appreciation week is a HUGE morale booster, the lunches for in-service, the snacks for faculty meetings, the dinners for parent conferences ALL make life so much sweeter for our teachers.   These seemingly little things make such a difference in our culture.
Our CCBC has been very active in listening to teachers’ needs regarding pay and insurance—they treat us like one of their family members.  CCBC has become a voice to our greater EISD community and it really helps our school at large.
I believe that our CCBC is a major factor in teacher retention.   We all realize that CCE is not a normal campus, and we feel directly integrated in our community.  I often hear from other teachers in other schools that parents do not seem to care about the work they do.  This is far from the case at CCE.   I contribute the little I can because I am so grateful for the atmosphere CCBC helps to create and insure it will last.  Teaching is getting harder and harder and we actually do it FOR THE KIDS!  So having the support of our parents ...knowing they have our us the energy and motivation to get up early and go the extra mile for our students.  Because I know we are in this together!

And don't forget, corporate sponsorships and company matching donations are a great way to contribute to Cedar Creek Elementary. Please click above to decide which program is best for your family and we appreciate your proud support of our school community!