For years, the Booster Club has coordinated a school supply sale that begins toward the end of the spring semester and runs throughout the summer.  This is not done as a fundraiser, but as a convenience for parents and as a service for teachers. 


Buying your school supplies from Booster Club ensures that all students start off with a uniform set of materials that can be interchanged and shared within the classroom.  Teachers at the elementary level greatly appreciate this because it simplifies classroom organization.  Other benefits include:


  • No risk - we will refund your money if your child does not attend Cedar Creek next year.
  • No hassle - no lines, no trips to multiple stores for hard-to-find items, and all your child’s school supplies will be waiting in his/her classroom the first day of school.
  • Lowest prices - Booster Club purchases supplies at low cost based on volume, and passes these prices on to you at no profit. And finally -
  • No sales tax!


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We are so thankful to our Platinum Sponsors for their generosity!